Awareness at CSD Marburg

Who is awareness for?

Of course, we hope that everyone interacts aware and solidaric with each other at this pride. Nonetheless there can be situation when you’ll need support, like if you don’t feel well. The Awareness Team will be on your side and will not do anything, you don’t feel comfortable with. If you’re unsure if your issue is something for the Awareness Team, speak to them and in case of doubt they can tell you who else you can talk to.

For the Awareness Team, the affected person has the power of definition, the Awareness Team is confidential and biased. The stewards and the Awareness Team members are there to support the demonstration and to enable the smoothest possible course of our event.

How can you recognize the Awareness Team?

The Awareness Team will be at the demonstration in teams of two accompanied by one steward. You can find them at the sides of the demonstration. You can recognize members of the Awareness Team by there pink vests. If you can’t find a member of the Awareness Team, you can contact our Awareness phone number 0176/10071344.

Awareness phone

The Awareness phone will be available on 06.07.2024 from 2:00 pm to 07:00 pm. You can reach us by phone, as well as through Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp. If you have any questions or concerns before or after that time, you can reach us via mail at
The number is 0176/10071344.


To ensure the demonstration is the best possible experience for everyone, we would like to remind you that only a yes means yes. This applies whether it’s about taking pictures of unknown members of the demonstration, touching others, or interacting with them in any other way. This includes actions such as hugs. Before engaging with people, especially if you don’t know them, ask if it’s okay.

Kink at Pride

Sadly, the last few years were filled with discussions, whether kink belongs on Prides. We say very clearly: Yes! Kink at pride is no point of discussion for us. But we would like to ask that genitals stay covered.


Structural/organizational Informations


Unfortunately, in everyday life and also at out Demonstration, there are various types of barriers. We try to minimize and identify these so that you can better assess whether and how you want to deal with them. Most of the demonstration route is on level ground, towards the end of the route it goes downhill for about 200 meters. A large part of the route is paved, but the last section is cobblestone. The final location is mostly covered with grass and the paths here are strewn with sand. Additionally, a demonstration is usually quite loud and involves many people in one place. We will publish the exact demonstration route separately. However to make thins a bit more relaxed, we have planned a quiet block in out demonstration.
All speeches and the moderation will be translated in german sign language.


As mentioned under Accessibility, we have planned different blocks. These include the front block where loud music will be playing, and it will likely be a bit more crowded overall. Additionally, there will be a family block and a quiet block, where it will be less busy and the music will not be as loud. We also want to create an empty block to remember those who cannot or can no longer participate in our demonstration. The locations of each block will be announced again during the demonstration itself. You decide which block is right for you, and you can also change this during the demonstration.


We understand that many people see a CSD at least partly as a party. And yes, we should and must celebrate ourselves as queers. However, a demonstration, including a CSD, is only partially suitable for this. Therefore, we ask you not to consume during the demo itself. However, we are also aware that not everyone can be sober for various reasons an we o not want to exclude anyone. Our appeal to you is: come to the demonstration in a functional state. If you want to smoke (tobacco!) during the demo, please move to the edge so as not to blow smoke on those around you.


During the demonstration there will be paramedics from ASB. If you have a medical issue, feel free to go to them.


At the beginning of the demonstration there will be toilets at the Safeway. They are also accessible with a wheelchair. On our way there will be a accessible toilet at the Queeres Zentrum.

Water, Sun Screen, Dextrose tablets

At the Safeway next to the starting point and at the Queeres Zentrum there will be water and sun screen. Furthermore the Awareness Team has Dextrose tablets and Water with them, which you can ask for.


We will publish the exact demonstration route separately once it is finalized. The current plan is to walk from the train station via Bahnhofstraße to E-Kirche, where the first interim rally will take place. Then, we will continue via Deutschhausstraße to Unistraße, and then via Liebigstraße to Friedrichsplatz, where the final rally will be held.